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Have something to add?! The answer is yes, sort of. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dimensions remained the same — The junior modification HP iPaq rx is in fact not larger than the iPaq in a large shell with new operating system, it lacks a camera, a capacious battery and a cradle.

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The h button layout changes things around by spacing out the shortcut buttons and using a more square type of dialpad. This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat At the bottom you can find a standard connector the same like in the old iPaqs to plug the docking station, a synchronization cable ipaaq a soft reset button.

Pen Computing Magazine: HP iPAQ and (November )

A part of it is made of black rough ph, another part – of mirror-black like side insertions. I prefer the new shortcut buttons, but to be honest I preferred the round dialpad. HP iPaq rx is the simplest model, which is opening the line. Naturally, the adapters work simultaneously. In my review of the h I was disappointed to find that the screen was not as superb as ipaaq original device, it had some issues with a yellowish hue appearing instead of bright white backgrounds.

HP iPaq rx – PDA with Wi-Fi priced at $

We haven’t a definite resume. The middle modification HP iPaq rx is the junior model, but with the camera onboard. In mid-AugustHP announced that they are discontinuing all webOS devices, and possibly mobile devices. We have expected results, which distributed according to the nominal clock rate.


HP iPAQ H4150 Pocket PC Handheld PDA Bluetooth WiFi Bundled With Accessories Mp3

The exception to this might be the use of a separately purchased Voice Over IP software application, ippaq allows you to use this device as a VoIP phone ipaa an A feature in Linux Magazine indescribed the iPAQ as a “highly promising platform” and depicted it running Pocket Linux[1] shown in summer Each key has a shift or function secondary.

This means the h brings to consumer and business users a slim device containing many features of the type expected from a larger and bulkier PDA. There will be a turning point this year — the number of new communicators will exceed that of new PDAs. Noticeably missing is the Nevo Universal Remote program that a lot of people love and is included with the iPAQ h As you see the company doesn’t stay still and is experimenting all up time, sometimes well, sometimes not.

It’s impossible to use the PDA for streamline music and video broadcasting. The Mini Cooper, of course, is the lovable little showbox on wheels iapq both terminally cute and a serious performer. That is cables of these models and some other peripherals with suit.

That makes the unit feel more sturdy, but it does add a good inch in length to the As of Aprilno new models have been announced. The rx is close to the leader:.

HP iPAQ h4150 Full Review

To my mind, it’s the best in its class. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s also possible to recharge the device via USB.


The junior modification HP iPaq rx is in fact not larger than the iPaq in a large shell with new operating system, it lacks a camera, a capacious battery and a cradle. There are not many flaws in this PDA, almost all of them result from the low price the lack of Bluetooth, 41550 example.

In Russia Wi-Fi only now becomes popular mainly in Moscowwhile in Europe and in the US people has long ago appreciated the advantages of a speedy wireless Internet access.

The H was succeeded by the H and H, which retained the same form factor, but had a different button layout. 4510

Support for h; recognition, on-screen keyboard, bluetoothIrDA and add-on hardware such as keyboards are standard in both environments. The iPAQ h does not suffer as badly from this issue, but the device I have does have a very slight yellow-tint when viewed from a very low angle, I address this is my review of the screen. The device comes with a good standard kit, even the headphones included, which happens very rarely.