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Epson Photo Quality C13S Genuine articles fitting Epson C13T Products Computers Carrying Cases. Print quality is just fine for a basic home printer. I also essential a substitute stand by itself printer for a a long time aged epson usb printer which has lastly supplied up. Hardly notice it, which is just what i want from a printer.

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Prindo alternative ink cartridges warrent an exact, colourful printed image in manufacturer quality. Goods arrived immediately and as explained. I got it to epwon with wi-fi to my laptop without any hassles.

Epson Photo Quality C13S Excellent machine which works well. Appears to be a good basic printer, and the quality of colour photos is reasonable.


It does what it claims on the tin. Your email is secure. If anything is unclear, please email support before placing your order.

This makes the ink, water, smudge and fade resistant on all paper types, for beautiful, durable results. Because we are not solely an onlinestore, you can be sure to reach an advisor from our callcentre.

The footprint of this printer is truly rather compact. High-quality Igepa Premium paper enhances the quality of your print-outs. Works well now it is installed but required assistance to set it up. For the last 12 months the magenta jet has been blocked so been not able to print purple epxon which has been a suffering but trying to be frugal indicateas i have been using up my existing stock of cartridges.


Stylus D Network Edition. Superb device which performs properly. Performs nicely but miss out on the truth iy only prints from the laptop or computer. This is a great laser printer for crafters. I also essential a substitute stand by itself printer for a a long time aged epson usb printer which has lastly supplied up. Only if you are executing multiple prints would you want to trouble extending the print getting tray.

C13T Ink-Cartridge for less

Sign up below and we’ll send you email updates about special events, offers and sales happening online and in our stores. Same day dispatch UPS free shipping Genuine and high quality alternative products Low prices available from stock. Quite rapidly and a excellent workhorse for hundreds of documents which it is built for.

This printer is to replace a faulty epson d91 printer that i purchased about five years in dd91 past. This printer is both quieter and x91 than my last printer. It takes substitute ink cartridges, unlike some other modern epson printers, a major plus point for me.


Updating shopping cart, please wait Epson T C13T ink cartridge black ink. Ink carts can be found cheap.

Just not long ago purchased this printer and continue to using the original set up ink cartridges supplied. If you really need to scan 3D objects, this is innovative — otherwise not great as all rounder May 12, As it says on the tin. Wrong email address Required field.

This is an excellent basic printer — i now tend to buy cheaper printers, keep 9d1 about 4 years and then buy a new one. I have also downloaded the optional software which is the basic user manual, the network guide which covers adding other computers either by cabling or wi-fi and also epson easy photo print.