It comes with a Velcro dot that lets you mount it wherever’s convenient. The tuner isn’t capable of receiving more than one channel at a time, so it just looks at each one for a moment playing the sound, as well , then freeze-frames it and moves on to the next square and channel. Once you find the on-disc documentation, though, it’s all simple enough to follow. On any fairly recent PC, with just about any Windows-supported and fairly recent graphics and sound hardware, the TVPhone does what it’s supposed to do as well as it can be expected to. It also records live shows while you’re watching them.

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Modern PCs have decent sound hardware with microphone and stereo line inputs and a stereo output, capable of better-than-CD-quality operation with no effect on system speed. AVerMedia does not guarantee that rvcapture98 the drivers provided from this website will meet requirements of the users” current equipments or devices and in no events shall AVerMedia bear any liability, whether express, implied or stipulated by related laws and regulations.

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It’s not their fault; it’s because they hook into Windows to do their thing, and Windows itself is not kind to newbies. It is acknowledged that the original software drivers AVerMedia provides may be modified by various hardware manufacturers for the purpose of different hardware optimization. The absence of any trademarks or registered trademarks of AVerMedia in this policy statement or vcd parts of this web does not constitute a waiver of any rights or interests that AVerMedia has established.

The connectors on the back of the TVPhone You can pick a variety of recording resolutions and compression settings.

You can fine tune channels, and you can also lock them out, so your kids won’t be able to sneak onto the computer tvcaptuure98 watch racy movies tvcaptture98 SBS late at night. If something that digitises video and saves it onto a computer’s hard drive is a Video Cassette Recorder, then I suppose a Zip drive qualifies as a Punched Card Reader.


Get hold of Windows video-conferencing software, like Microsoft’s own free NetMeeting package and plug in a camera and, if necessary, an extra five dollar microphone, and you’ll be Max Headrooming away on your Internet videophone in no time. If you’re a power Teletext user, you’ll probably love this software.

The TVPhone supports every TV standard and frequency in the world – including stereo sound, if it’s available – so the system ought to work anywhere.

Press the vaermedia button on the remote, though, and the TVCapture98 software runs. This means you can press an “instant replay” button to move back in time, or pause live television – the TiVo just goes on recording, and you can watch what it’s already recorded from any point, even as the TiVo adds more to the end of the recording.

That said, though, this is not an utterly straightforward plug-and-go product.

Date Version 1. It doesn’t magically turn a crummy indoor antenna’s output into a perfect picture, but that’s not a feature you’ll find on the spec sheet. Doing video on PCs used to be absolutely bloomin’ excruciating.

AVerMedia AVI file player decoder for TVPhone98 & TVCapture98 w/VCR Drivers

It’s done it largely by throwing monstrously powerful hardware at the problem, but never mind. Consumer hard disk video recording systems are intended to do VCR-type tvvcapture98, with the added bonus of no tapes to fiddle with and random access – you can seek through a recording as quickly as you like.

The absence of a TV antenna is partly because there’s no TV equivalent to the nearly-free FM dipole – even telescopic portable-TV “rabbit ears” cost a lot compared with a dipole rvcapture98 but it’s mainly because not everybody who buys a TVPhone98 is going to need an extra TV antenna. Using it When the TVPhone’s not doing anything, you can still use its remote – for cursor control.


Setting up the FM Radio mode works in the same way as configuring TV channels, except without the lock-out feature. The software just dumps the images as numbered BMP files. But you won’t get any computer sound overlaid on your TV audio, no matter how the computer’s avvermedia settings are configured. EMR aermedia off with the square of the distance, so you don’t have to move an indoor antenna very far from most PCs to get a better picture. There’s no TV antenna in the package.

AVERMEDIA TVCapture98 w/VCR(BT-878 chip) Windows NT 4.0 DRIVERS ONLY Free Driver Download

It doesn’t work in Australia, and tvcapturee98 do any of the other TiVo-ish gadgets. The further behind you are, the further you can spool forward at will – sayonara, ad breaks! When the Fcr not doing anything, you can still use its remote – for cursor control. This isn’t a free codec – you can’t just download it – so if you want to view TVPhone recordings on another machine, that machine will need to have the TVPhone software installed too, or you’ll need to use a movie file editing package to reprocess the video into a more common format.

That’s how the TVPhone sets its volume – it just uses the standard Windows feature. The nine-key number pad moves the mouse pointer, with a couple of nearby keys doing tvcaputre98 and right mouse button duty and the 5 key for locked-left-button click-and-drag purposes. Do this, and the TVPhone’s Mute button still works, but its vce control doesn’t. There’s a button on the remote to select FM mode, and another that lets you switch to audio CD playback mode as well, if you’ve got an audio disc in the computer’s drive.